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By Bill Hutchins Illustration by Wayne Westfall

Another battle of high-rise versus heritage is taking shape in downtown Kingston. Several residents have lined up to speak against a proposed 20-storey residential building on a vacant pier located next to the historic dry dock property.

Developer Jay Patry purchased the 1.7-hectare waterfront property last year — the pier, dry dock and former Marine Museum building — after they were declared surplus by the federal government. Patry Inc. Developments recently unveiled plans to repurpose the former museum building at 55 Ontario Street into residential and commercial uses and to construct a 292-unit high-rise building at 5 Lower Union Street. A multi-level parking structure is also planned alongside the 20-storey building.

“The podium portion of the development is proposed to be five storeys in height and is intended to accommodate most of the on-site parking,” says a staff report.. . . .

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