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Profile 1 - Alex Jansen

.By Nancy Dorrance with photography by Bernard Clark

Alex Jansen is a difficult man to pin down. Whether he’s facilitating a film shoot, pitching prospective productions, teaching one of his two Queen’s courses or chasing a soccer ball down the field with his beloved Twente West Football Club,
the fit, fast-talking 43-year-old Kingston Film Office Commissioner can be a moving target himself.

But all is forgiven when you do manage to connect with Alex … in my case, by phone from his seat on a Toronto-bound train, and then several days later over coffee at Balzac’s on Princess Street. Despite a constant stream of alerts from incoming calls, he offers his undivided attention while answering my questions and is eager to share his vision for Kingston as a film production hub.

Grey eyes gleaming, Alex rapidly rhymes off the major projects hosted here over the past six months alone. “Crews have filmed the pilot for Reacher [a new Amazon Prime series based on the best-selling books]; two more episodes of CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries; Mayor of Kingstown [a crime thriller series starring Jeremy Renner and Dianne Wiest, co-created by Kingston’s own Hugh Dillon]; . . .

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