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Profile 2 -David Garrick

By Renka Gesing with photography by Bernard Clark

Gene O'ReillyIn David and Joy Garrick’s waterfront condo, a beautiful carousel horse made in 1908 seems to be looking out at the magnificent view of Lake Ontario. When David left his position as general manager of the Canadian National Exhibition to take on new challenges at the CN Tower, he received the horse
as a parting gift. “It was from a merry-go-round at Sunnyside in Toronto, which was down on the lakeshore,” he recalls. “And when the Gardiners Expressway was built, they had to move the thing. So Walt Disney bought the merry-go-round, and it went
to California in the ’50s, when he was opening that theme park. This was a spare off that merry-go-round.”

Anyone looking back over David’s career could believe that he was on continually spinning carousels. And when his horse slowed down, he would switch to catch a faster ride to more interesting challenges — from the world’s largest fair to the world’s tallest building, to the world’s first stadium . . .

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