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Profile 3 - Hollie Stewart

.By Christina Decarie with photography by Kristen Ritchie

Born in Kingston in 1962, Hollie Stewart grew up in a family of actors and musicians. Her father, Glen, while an elementary school principal, “was one of those people who could make fantastic things happen. He was heavily engaged in the arts, so he would create these really creative immersive programs in the schools.” Her mother, Bev, met Glen when she came from Thunder Bay to study at Queen’s University. “She was an English major and a wonderful actor,” says Hollie. After they got married, Bev left teaching to raise the family. She did lots of acting in Kingston and around the province doing summer stock, yet she never pursued a professional career. She is, however, according to Hollie, “one of Kingston’s best amateur actors.” Hollie’s sister, Julie, is an actor on stage and television, and her brother, Jonathan, is a saxophone composer and musician. Hollie deflects, as always, from her own accomplishments to praise those of her family members . . .

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