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Profile 1 - Gord Hunter

.By Doug Bowie with photography by Bernard Clark

Springsteen’s going to play at a bar in New Jersey.

At least that was the rumour Gord Hunter heard. “So I went.” And yes, a possible Springsteen sighting was all it took for Gord to hop in his car and make the seven-hour drive to New Jersey the way you or I might drive to the corner store. Springsteen didn’t show, but the next night, Gord went to a different bar and happened to hear a roots/rocker named Joe D’Urso.

“He was great,” says Gord. “I approached him afterwards and told him he should come to Canada. He said, ‘Okay. Book me a show.’ I hadn’t the faintest idea how to do that, but that didn’t stop me.” Gord cold-called the famous Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto and managed to get Joe booked there, as well as in Ottawa and at Brandees in Kingston. “I became Joe’s booker for Canada. We became great friends and had memorable trips and adventures.” But more on that later.

Gord was born in Lindsay, Ontario, in 1963 to Art and Kathy Hunter. He’s bracketed by sisters Christine and Jeannie. . . .

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