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Profile 2 - Lisa Webb

By Nancy Dorrance with photography by Kristen Ritchie

Gene O'ReillyOn Lisa Webb’s Facebook page, she calls herself a “cycling commuter, chicken keeper, shepherdess and grower of good food.” A visit to Lisa’s unique home on the north shore of Wolfe Island will not only confirm this description — you may wish to add a few more items to her list!

Be prepared for an enthusiastic welcome as you enter the solar-panelled, glassed-in front porch. After a friendly greeting from Lisa, you’ll receive an ecstatic one from her four-year-old Australian shepherd/border collie, Frodo, and ten-year-old Bella, whose heritage is less certain (but who looks a lot like Frodo). They will both squeal and shake excitedly, jumping up to receive pats and ear scratches for as long as you choose to dispense them.

Other, outdoor residents include 24 laying hens, who keep Lisa and her partner, Kingston architect Mikaela Hughes, replete with eggs to eat and barter, plus three serene-looking sheep named Annabelle, Maisie and Edie. Their manure fertilizes a large garden, while fleece from their annual shearing is made into “dryer balls” and distributed to neighbours.

None of the livestock need fear a premature demise, Lisa is quick to point out. “When our hens are finished laying, they get to retire . . .

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